By University Parking & Transportation's rules, "Bicycles shall not be parked or stored in any University building (e.g. offices, residence halls, classrooms, or parking structures without a bicycle storage facility)."  It causes fire and safety hazards to have them stashed in your office or in our narrow hallways, potentially blocking doors and a clear exit from the building if necessary.  

There are plenty of bike parking fixtures across campus.  If you have a high-end bike, are worried about the security of your bike, or you managed to forget your bike lock one day, you have some options:

  • The Mathematics Building Bike Closet.  This can only house about 7 bikes total (first come, first served), but it is a locked space that is available to anyone with the 1070 key (math Building entrance key).  This is not for long-term storage!  There is not enough room in the closet for that. For added security, there are cables inside the closet to which you may lock your bike.  You can find the closet on the East side of the Math Building, facing Santa Rita Ave.
  • Valet Bike Parking in two locations: in front of the Nugent Building (near Old main) and on the Warren bike path north of Helen Street. The Bike Valet locations are available Monday through Fridays 7:45AM – 6PM.  Bicycles must be registered with Parking & Transportation.
  • Bicycle Locker or Enclosure on campus (must sign agreement, and pay a fee)

For more information regarding Bike Rules and Guidelines, please read the Bicycle Parking & Traffic Regulations guide. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of registering your bike with UA Parking & Transportation.  This can really help return your bike if it is ever stolen, on OR off campus!