Examity Quick Guide - Students should use this guide to navigate the testing process.

The Math Placement Assessment (Test) is generally available March-August and October-January.

Incoming students: Test through the Math Placement Portion of your Next Steps Center.

Current students : Test through D2L with Examity online proctoring.  Follow the steps at the bottom of the page. 

Main Campus Incoming Re-admitted students: You must be registered for classes before you can access the ALEKS PPL Assessment. Return to this page after you have registered for classes. 

Zoom testing:  If you are unable to test through Examity, limited Zoom testing with a Math Department proctor is available.  Register for a Zoom testing appointment here.

Important information about the PPL Assessment:  Click here to read about the test

         for information on approved calculators, review options, rules and strategies, scores, etc.

         You are responsible being aware of and following all procedures.

You will need a CatCard or Government issue photo ID, and Calculator.

There is a $26 Math Placement Testing fee charged to the student's UA bursar's account (No fee for Arizona Online campus students). Some students may not see a Bursar charge as the fee may already be included with enrollment fees. 

If it has been more than one year since your first attempt at the PPL assessment, or you have tested 5 times in one year, you will not be able to access the PPL assessment.

Testing through D2L / Examity: You may test online, proctored through Examity, as long as you have access to a webcam, microphone, and high speed internet. Students will need to do the following: 

1. Log into D2L with your UA NetID and password.

2. Click the Self Registration link located in the banner near the top of the screen.

3. Find the course  "Proctored Math Placement Testing with Examity" and click the link for it.

4. Click the Register button to register for the course, and then click the Submit button.

5. Click the Finish button on the confirmation screen.

6. Back at the top of D2L, go to your "Proctored Math Placement Testing with Examity" course to:

Create your Examity profile.  You will need your CatCard or a government issue photo ID (passport, driver's license, etc.) 

Enter the time zone you will be in when taking the exam. 

Register for a testing appointment more than 24 hours in advance. 

7. Return to the Examity link in the D2L course at the time of your testing appointment.

     (Incoming students return to the Next Steps Center.)

 Examity Proctoring Quick Guide - Students can use this to navigate the testing process.