Some courses automatically transfer to UA.  Check Arizona transfer courses or out-of-state transfer courses. to see if your course will transfer automatically. 

If you cannot find your transfer course on these two websites, or your course has already transferred in as Math 1tr or Math 3tr, then you need to have your course evaluated. You will need to find some information first: a link to your transfer institution's main website, a link to ALL math course descriptions from your transfer institution, and other information.  Online courses also require a course syllabus that shows exam proctoring policy and grading policy (how grades are calculated).  Note that you are asked to provide links to ALL Math (and Statistics if applicable) course descriptions, not just the description of the course that you took or want to take. Failure to provide this will delay your evaluation. 

Evaluation forms:  When you submit these evaluation forms, you are asked for a UA NET ID or SID.  If you do not yet have a UA SID or NET ID, just put in 00000000.

  • If you have already completed a transfer math course, or are currently enrolled in one that does not automatically transfer to UA, submit our online evaluation form.  
  • If you plan to take a transfer math course at a particular institution, and would like to have it evaluated ahead of time, submit a Math Department pre-approval form before enrolling.  Summer pre-approvals are generally processed beginning in April.  
  • If your math course is from outside the U.S. and course information is not available online, you can bring your catalog course descriptions to math advising at your orientation.  

Online, correspondence, or distance learning course are not approved if proctored exams are not required as part of the course policy for all students. ALL exams must be proctored, not just the final, as part of the course requirements for all students taking the course.   Also, proctored exams must account for more than 50% of the overall grade. If you are requesting an evaluation for an online, correspondence, or distance learning course, you must provide the course syllabus, with grading policy and exam policy.

Credit Hours Awarded - The Math Department does not determine the number of credits that transfer in from a particular institution. Questions regarding this should be directed to the Office of the Registrar. Quarter system units are converted to semester units by multiplying the units by 2/3.

Freshman or students who attend freshman orientation must have a placement through SAT I MSS, ACT MATH, or ALEKS PPL for entry into a course at or below the level of Calculus I, even students with college math credits. Incoming students need to refer to the information in the Next Steps Center.