This only applies toward majors in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, Education, or majors in SBS and CLAS who can take Math 105, Math 106, or PHIL 110 to satisfy their foundation math requirement.   If you are not sure, check your Academic Advisement Report in Uaccess Student or consult your Academic Advisor.

Students may satisfy the Math 105, Math 106, or PHIL 110 requirement through the UA ALEKS PPL test. Please see rules below.

  • The student can take the examination twice during the student's first year at UA.   
  • This is a proctored test administered through Examity, or through the Math Department on certain dates.  
  • There is a fee for taking this test, generally a $26 testing fee. There may be an additional proctoring fee.
  • A score of 60% or higher is required on the UA ALEKS PPL test. 
  • Contact the Math Placement Office or your Academic Advisor if you have additional questions.