Usually, no.  The exceptions tend to be courses where the offering department has worked with us in development of the course and (at least historically) cross-listed the course.  Since the College of Science stopped offering cross-listings between courses within the college, it may be tough to tell which courses can be used.  We hope the following notes will help to clarify:

  • ECOL 480 does count in the math minor, though the cross-listing has not been preserved.
  • PHIL/CSC/MATH 401A and 401B do count in the math minor requirements. Since these courses are offered by the Philosophy department (not in the College of Science), the cross-listing has been preserved.
  • Either CSC 245 or CSC 473 may be used in the math minor, but not both courses.
  • Sorry, though the College of Engineering offers some courses with significant math content, they do not fit the criteria for use in a math minor.

Something to keep in mind:  graduate programs and employers who view a student's transcript will expect to see a minimum number of MATH courses for a student earning a math minor.