MATH 263- Introduction to Statistics and BioStatistics (3 credits)- UA ALEKS PPL score of 60-100% or ALEKS Prep for Calculus score of 65-100%, Prep for College Algebra score of 88-100%, UA Math 109C, Math 112, or higher level course required for placement into this course. Recommended as a second semester course.  

Description: Organizing data; distributions, measures of center and spread, scatterplots, nonlinear models and transformations, correlation, regression. Design of experiments: models from probability, discrete and continuous random variables, normal distributions, sampling distributions, the central limit theorem. Statistical inference; confidence intervals and test of significance, t procedures, inference for count data, two-way tables and chi-square procedures, inference for regression, analysis of variance. Examinations are proctored. 

Comments: This course cannot be used as a prerequisite for any math courses. This course can satisfy the foundation math requirement for majors that allow Math 105 or 112. This course is a more thorough treatment of statistics for majors in the College of Science.

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