Math 113 - Elements of Calculus (3 credits) UA ALEKS PPL score of 60-100% or ALEKS Prep for Calculus score of 65-100%, Prep for College Algebra score of 88-100%, UA Math 109C/112 required for placement into this course. Generally available in Spring.     

Description: Introductory topics in differential and integral calculus. 

Comments: Pre-pharmacy students, some majors within the College of Agriculture, and some majors within the College of Social and Behavioral Science require this course. Because this course is considered a survey of calculus, it cannot be used to satisfy the Math 122B/125 requirement and cannot be used as a prerequisite to additional calculus courses such as Math 122A, 122B, 125, or 129. Students who want to take a course to prepare for Calculus I should consider Math 120R instead. Not a prerequisite to Math 122A/B.

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