The Math Center is home to advising for math majors and minors, and also for the new statistics and data science majors and minors.  Students needing assistance with math enrollment, transfer credit, placement, or other issues not necessarily relating to our majors or minors may stop by the Math Academic Office window at room 108 of the Math building during business hours; Email:; phone:  (520) 626-9837; click here to access their knowledge base.  

Contact the Math Center By Email:  Email - Math Center staff check messages frequently throughout the day when offices are open. 

There is also an online form for submitting a question.

Appointment scheduling: We have an online appointment scheduling tool.  Within the tool, you may select an available appointment time, and it is immediately reserved for you.  The tool does not allow for 7:30am appointments, but they are sometimes available; if you need one, please check for availability here and email to request it.  

Walk-in advising:  Have a quick question?  Check the Math Center calendar to see if walk-in hours are available.  

Math minor changes:  Want to add or remove a math minor?  Submit your request here.  

Additional information:

All of our online forms also feed into the messages.  The first available staff member who is able to answer your submission will get back to you.  Whenever possible, we try to reply by the next business day (if not sooner).

Since our staff are frequently in appointments with students or meetings and unable to answer the phone, calling the Math Center is not recommended.

 Note:  many questions are answered already in our knowledge base; please use the "How can we help you today?" search box to see if you can get an immediate answer.