To graduate with honors from the Honors College, 30 units of honors course work are usually required. Some students who enter with more than 30 units of transfer work may take fewer honors units; consult your Honors Student Success Counselor for more information.

Honors Math Sections Offered

The Math Department offers a few honors courses/sections that count toward a mathematics major: courses in the Calculus sequence may have special honors sections available. These honors math courses are available to highly motivated students with strong mathematical backgrounds. Acceptance to the UA Honors College is not a requirement for Math 129H or Math 223H. Registration for these honors sections is blocked until the Mathematics Department can verify student eligibility. Eligibility rules depend on:

  • Current UA Students - by invitation: Each semester, students who receive a grade of A in the course AND on the final exam of the prerequisite course are emailed an invitation. ┬áStudents who receive the email just have to reply, asking to be added to the honors section. ┬áDuring priority registration, you may wish to plan around this: Whenever possible, try to enroll in a non-honors section offered at the same time as the honors section, so we can make an easy swap. ┬áPlease note that because the honors section appears closed, you will need to search for its time by unchecking the box "show only open sections".
  • Fall Incoming Freshmen - by placement: Since there is no opportunity for instructors to nominate students into their very first UA MATH course, other criteria can be used to determine honors eligibility for certain courses (usually a very high placement test score plus college credit for the prerequisite course, usually from an AP exam). Generally speaking, students are informed of their eligibility during New Student Orientation; plan to speak with a math placement advisor during the lunchtime sessions at your orientation program. Eligibility is for Fall first semester Freshmen only.

Note: Math 254 Honors does require enrollment in the UA Honors College. Students may self-enroll if they meet the requirements.