If Math or Statistics & Data Science is NOT your primary major, then check with your primary major advisor for instructions. Either way, your math/SDS faculty advisor will be the one who signs off to approve your math/SDS major. If you are not sure who your faculty advisor is, the graduation survey provides a good opportunity to ask for this information.

If you have not yet applied for graduation, log into UAccess and select "Apply for graduation" from the drop down menu on the left side of the screen; then follow the steps from there.

After applying for graduation, you will complete a Degree Audit Worksheet (also known as "pink sheet"). If your primary major is in the math department, you can pick one up either from Nellie Rios in Mathematics room 215 (typical hours:  between 8:30 AM and 2 PM) or from the College of Science advisors in Gould-Simpson 1017You will also return the form to Gould-Simpson 1017 once you have gotten the necessary signatures:

  • Write your name and ID number on the form - IN PEN. This an official document, and pencil is not appropriate.
  • Your math faculty advisor will sign to verify your math major, and should also list any in-progress major courses on the form. If any substitutions/approvals are needed, they can mark them on the form, but it is usually nicer if you have them email those to the Math Center to be entered into your UAccess record (your Advisement Report in the My Academics section). Your advisement report *should* typically indicate that everything is satisfied with the courses you have selected for your final term.  
  • Bring your advisement report with you when you meet with your faculty advisor. He/she may or may not have access to view your complete record in UAccess; unless you are sure they have this access, you need to provide them with this information.
  • If you have any other majors in the same degree as the math or SDS major, see those advisors for additional signatures.
  • If your minor does not appear satisfied in UAccess, contact your minor advisor for instructions. Minors that DO already appear satisfied definitely do not need a signature, by university policy.
  • If you are graduating with honors from the Honors College, see your Honors College Success Counselor for a signature.
  • Return the form to Gould-Simpson 1017 for College Approval. The advisors there will fill out the GPAs, units, gen ed info., etc. They will then submit the form to Graduation Services for final processing.