Juniors in the Honors Program may register for 500-level courses for undergraduate Honors credit; seniors may register for graduate work if recommended by the instructor, head of the department offering the course and approved by the Dean of the Graduate College. As a minimum qualification for taking 500-level courses, a student must have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.000 or better on all University Credit and be proceeding toward graduation as directly as possible.  Note that should the student receive an Incomplete (an “I” grade), the course will not be counted as part of the total units required for graduation until the “I” has been replaced with the final grade. 

Seniors may choose to earn either undergraduate or graduate credit. However, graduate credit is unlikely to be useful for undergraduate students.  There are very few circumstances where they will be of greater value than undergraduate credits for the same courses. Speak with your Math Faculty Advisor and/or Academic Advisor for assistance determining the type of credit that would be most appropriate for your situation.

For additional information and instructions, download the required form. Juniors may contact the Honors College for more information.