Math Department Policy on Account Termination

  • When your affiliation ends we provide a grace period before account deletion so you can move your e-mail and account files. The standard grace periods are:
    • Graduate Students: Your account will be terminated at the end of the semester following your graduation. Accounts for Spring and Summer graduates will be removed at the end of the Fall semester; Fall graduates at the end of the following Spring semester.
    • Faculty: Your account will remain active for one year following your separation from the department.
  • After you leave the department, please forward your math e-mail to your new address, or check your math e-mail at least once a week, since this is our only means of contacting you.
  • During the transition period we prefer that you transfer all files or e-mail which you wish to retain, and notify us to request account removal.
  • If you contact us in advance, we will create a system-level email forward and retain it for up to two years. This forward is separate from your account and will persist after account deletion.
  • Contact us if you have exceptional circumstances which require you to extend your account. We will review your request with the graduate program head, department chair, or the computer committee.
  • Please track your account expiration date. We will send a single reminder message to your address about the account expiration. If you do not respond within ten days the account will be marked for deletion.
  • After the transition period we will permanently delete your remaining e-mail and account files, and remove any remaining e-mail forwards.

How to tell whether your account and e-mail are empty

  • Connect to your account using SSH.
  • Use the commands: cd; ls -al to see whether your account is empty. If it is empty, the listing will show only the . and .. directories, and nothing else, e.g:
  • [someuser@puma someuser]$ cd; ls -al
    total 12
    drwxr-xr-x    2 someuser users        4096 Feb 20  2005 ./
    drwxr-xr-x  108 root     root         8192 Feb 16  2005 ../
    Another good test is to check your quota. It should report that your block usage is zero.
  • Your e-mail lives on a separate server, and can be accessed only using an e-mail client (e.g., webmail, or Mozilla Thunderbird, or pine). Please see our separate page on how to access your e-mail. Once you've gained access to your e-mail, you should verify that both the INBOX and all mail folders are empty, and that you've emptied your Trash folder.
  • Once your account and e-mail are empty, please contact us to have your account removed.