Members of the Math Department have two different email addresses - one from the Math Department and one from the University.

Math Department Email

University Email

<Math user name*>


Gmail based

MS Outlook (faculty/staff)  or Gmail (students)

Access at:

Access at: (faculty/staff) 

OR (students)

Change password at:

Change password at:

Supported by:  Math IT Staff

Supported by:  UITS

Math Email Basic Facts:

  • You must have a network account.
  • Your e-mail address is:
  • Email can be accessed by going to  Here you can get all your Google Apps in one place and you can change  many settings, including vacation messages, forwarding, and folders.
  • Log in using your full math email address and math password.
  • If your browser has remembered some other gmail account and  prefilled the information, simply click on "Add Account" or "Login as a  different user".

How to: